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Brad helped me realise the need to transform our approach from running a practice to managing a small business.

We have had to repurpose our brand, and one of the biggest challenges for me personally was understanding the value of building a team. This was a big mindshift as I have been trained to work independently as an individual practitioner.

I have dealt with many risks around choosing the right people and getting the best out of them in a demanding, highly unpredictable and adversarial environment.

Navigating this context was personally difficult and demanding and I soon realised that I needed to partner with someone like Brad who grasped and understood the subtleties and unique challenges we faced. He has always been highly invested in understanding our work and willing to fully embrace the journey we were on and all the complexities of our situation. What I really appreciate is the long standing relationship and through this relationship has helped us to build endurance in a tough industry.

Brad was flexible and willing to step in where we needed help rather than imposing a one size fits all approach. Even on an emotional level, Brad has made himself available and has been willing to confront things like, having tough conversations, managing real conflict and dealing with the pressure of a highly charged, ego driven environment where my reputation was constantly at risk.

We are currently dealing with the challenges of Covid19 and have asked him to help us reinvent ourselves.
Narropi Sewpershad
(Clinical Psychologist and Director of Narropi and Associates)